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Common Web Hosting Questions Asked

How much disk space do I need?

It depends on your site, but typically, unless you are hosting a lot of binary files (images, zip files, flash files, movie files, etc), you will only need less than 1 GB of disk space. Most sites fall in the less than 1 GB group.

How much bandwidth do I need?

I would suggest you need your disk space requirement times 10. If you need 1GB of disk space for a site, you should have at least 10GB of bandwidth.

Why do you only list overselling hosts?

Many of the hosts we list are reputable and have been around for many years. These hosts are forced to remain competitive with the industry and therefore, must offer what is needed to remain competitive.

From our own experience, hosts like HostGator are able to offer what they do and maintain a happy client base.

How long will it take to get my hosting account setup?

This varies depending on the web host and we take that into consideration when we rank / place hosts on this site. Typically, you should expect your account within hours of payment.

If you notice your account takes longer than 5 hours to setup, please contact us immediately and let us know.

Do I need to change my domain if I switch hosts?

No. If your domain is registered in your name, all you need to do is log in to the domain registrar and change the nameservers. Once that is done, your domain will point to your new web host. Just be sure to transfer your files.

How do I track how many hits my website gets?

Tracking on your site can be either done server-side or remotely. With server-side statistics, log files are used to generate visitor information. This is usually much more accurate than remotely hosted solutions. In such cases, you usually have to add some javascript to your site. This javascript is then used to track visitor data.

Should I go with Linux or Windows web hosting?

Unix is known to be more common with web hosts due to its stability. Linux, a flavor of Unix, is cheaper than Windows and usually free. Linux and the other UNIX varieties are open-source software, which means anyone can alter the source code and make improvements, updates, and additions.

If you need Windows resources like ASP, VB Script, or MS Access databases, then Windows is what you need. Otherwise, if all you need is html or php type sites, Linux is by far the best choice.

What is a Merchant Account and how do I get one?

A merchant account is a relationship made with a bank, in which the bank allows you to access credit cards from your customers for goods and/or services you provide. The bank is responsible for debiting customer's funds and depositing it into your account.

If you need to accept credit cards, be sure to select a host that offers SSL for security from our comparisons page.

What is Root Access / SSH?

For UNIX- and Linux-based security, system administrators can set up unique security access constraints or "root" accounts. Access to these accounts is known as Root Access, allowing full access to machines, full manipulation of the file system and administration of current running processes.

With a fast internet connection, why can't I just host my own site?

It's possible to do so, but definitely not recommended. Firstly, most ISPs may terminate your account if you host a website because of clauses that prevent you from doing so.

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